Natural herbal medicine product (Toxy)


Used in herbal medicine to detoxify the system
For better efficiency, use with Digi, Dolores, Peasy, Arturo

Can help your pet have more energy. (tonic)
Allows for better urinary tract health. (diuretic
May help regulate blood pressure.
Can help the kidneys, therefore filtering the blood better and eliminating toxins and uric acid more easily. (depurative)
Hepatobiliary benefits (helps with liver congestion and gallbladder problems)
May help with enzyme stimulation of the liver and kidneys
May help lower blood sugar levels. (Can improve and help balance diabetes)
May also help with water retention, edema and inflammation
May prevent certain eye conditions
Soothes discomfort and improves overall eye health (cataract, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, runny eyes)

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